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"Home of THE CORN Burning Stoves"

Featuring The Patented TRAEGER Feed System

TRAEGER Industries is one of the original manufacturers of the modern CORN and Pellet Stoves. Today there are many manufacturers (and many have fallen by the wayside), but the original TRAEGER FEED/BURN SYSTEM still endures as the safest and most durable biomass burner on the market today.

Our stoves are capable of BURNING SHELLED CORN which is commonly used as animal feed. CORN AS FUEL is not as crazy as it may sound. It is already being processed into ETHANOL, used as a motor fuel and blended in gasoline for hotter, cleaner burn---and less exhaust pollution. (The TRAEGER FEED/BURN SYSTEM will also burn other grains, cherry pits, and wood pellets, too!)

Most of today's pellet fuel is made from compressed wood waste; but down the road, the ability to pelletize or burn other types of organic, biomass waste (agricultural by-products such as peanut shells and walnut shells) promises a changing future for pellet stoves. And while all of today's brands of pellet stoves are capable of burning premium quality wood pellets, only The Patented TRAEGER BURN SYSTEM is designed with the future in mind.

The Patented TRAEGER BURN SYSTEM was developed to accommodate these high ash content, lower grade(and LOWER COST) fuels. What this all means is that our CORN and pellet stoves are ready to handle the fuels of the future, as well as, today's low-ash fuels.

The convenience of clean, easy to handle fuel presents a practical alternative to those who have lost some of their youthful enthusiasm for the more "physical" aspect of handling cordwood. But fuel innovation and convenience are still not appealing enough to overcome the lack of a realistic fire (high intensity "blowtorch" flames have plagued other brands of pellet stoves from the beginning).
Our CORN and pellet stoves feature a 'The NATURAL FIRE', "wide flame" look of a real wood fire. Our flame is unmatched by the unnatural flames of other pellet stoves. This makes our CORN and pellet stoves the NATURAL CHOICE for even the most discrete fire watchers.

Traeger Stove technology was manufactured in the U.S. by Earth Stove of Tualatin, Oregon. Earth Stove manufactured a wide range of models to fit every application. The TRAEGER CORN Furnaces are manufactured by Pinnacle Stove Sales of BC.

Traeger CORN/Pellet Technology:
The Best Built
The Best Fire
The Best Safety Features
The Best Warranty
The Best Fuel Versatility
The Best History
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at Traeger Industries manufacturers of The Patented TRAEGER FEED/BURN SYSTEM which is 'The Heart' of our CORN Burners.
Alternative Energy products
"HOME of The CORN-BURNING Stoves!!"
7623 Five Points Road
Smithville, Ohio 44677-9716
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"HOME of The CORN BURNING Stove!!"
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ph 1-330-669-2881
(Wooster, Ohio)
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7103 Rohrer Road
Wooster, OH 44691
ph 330-669-PETS / fax 330-669-3016
Alternative Energy products
"HOME of The CORN-BURNING Stoves!!"
7103 Rohrer Road
Wooster, OH 44691
ph 330-669-2881 /fax 330-669-3016

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Alternative Energy products
"HOME of The CORN-BURNING Stove!!"
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